Norm Rugs

Inspired by the deep blue-greish colors of vintage indigo colored textiles from Japan as well as the colors of the Nordic landscape, we have created a series of hand woven high-quality kilim rugs in cotton and wool that are durable and match almost any natural material surface in the home, wheater it is stone or wooden floors. The rugs come in 4 different colors varying from stony greys to dirty blues. The rugs are all to be found in 3 different sizes. A runner and two rectangular rugs. Created for

Norm-rug-08 Norm-rug-11 Norm-rug-01 Norm-rug-03 Norm-rug-04 Norm-rug-02 Norm-rug-09 Norm-rug-10 Norm-rug-06 Norm-rug-12