Commercial project, Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: Liewood
Planned completion: XX


The grand building on Blegdamsvej in Copenhagen invites you into a warm universe of light tones and textured natural materials. With its original sloping ceilings and deep window niches, the space reflects a time when elegance and good craftmanship defined the identity of architecture. By adding a monochrome, yet rich, colour and material palette the building’s five floors will form the framework for an inspiring work environment filled with life, changeability and community. Liewood Residence will serve as the brand’s headquarters with everything from showrooms to offices and creative studios. Minimalist, sculptural elements join the concept in the form of draped curtain walls, playful podiums and curved walls. The sensory universe will leave the curated products in focus and form the breeding ground for knowledge sharing and be a source of continuous inspiration.


Web design & graphic design :
Aurélien Stein

Logotype :
Atelier CPH