Hospitality project, UMEUS, Copenhagen, Denmark

Client: NREP
Planned completion: 2023
Total square metres: 20.000 m2

UMEUS is built with community as the central aspiration and with the belief that student housing should enable a positive student experience and personal growth. The philosophy of embracing community through architectural choices and opt-outs is paramount in the student housing project in Copenhagen, Denmark. The main focal point is to increase the quality of the common areas as well as to create a home that is shared by many, yet without ever feeling institutional or elitist. It should be a home that relates to its specific surroundings and creates a natural transition to the city, while embracing the need for privacy as well as the active participation in the community. The surroundings of the sophisticated Frederiksberg are drawn in with natural materials, bright colours and a lightness in the decor that not only reflects the surroundings, but also the young residents.


Web design & graphic design :
Aurélien Stein

Logotype :
Atelier CPH