Residential Project, Ballekilde, Denmark

Client: Private
Planned completion: 2022
Total square meters: 247 m2

Just by the water an hour north of bustling Copenhagen, Denmark, we’re creating a peaceful summer residence for a private family. Being well integrated in the surrounding wild nature, the space will feel secluded and exude tranquillity, while still offering unspoiled views of the roaring ocean. An elegant façade in natural cedar tree will patinate beautifully over time and attain a grey tone, complementing the colour palette of the Danish surroundings. Minimalistic columns play with the daylight that flows in through the big windows, while also emphasizing the stimulating layout of the house with its raised ceilings and altered levels. Tactile bricks and Douglas flooring will accompany the bespoke interior solutions that are designed to take full advantage of the space with built-in storage and cosy seating niches with stunning views. In a section of the house, one will find a calm atrium, opening up the structure of the house by creating a certain transparency between the different functions that make up a harmonious home, while also providing natural light to the interior.



Web design & graphic design :
Aurélien Stein

Logotype :
Atelier CPH