With the Koio x Norm Architects sneaker collab we set out to explore the interconnection between footwear design, cabinet making and architecture. Connected by a shared belief in minimalist design, the collaboration emphasizes the inherent qualities of natural materials and great craftmanship. As a result of a holistic design approach, we have designed a bench for the shoes, mimicking its thoughtful details and use of materials – and furthering this holistic vision, the we ended up by framing both the shoes and bench design within the greater context of our recently finished project; a minimalist hillside pavilion residence in Cabrils, Spain just north of Barcelona.

“For us, design is all about eliminating the irrelevant to emphasize the important – whether designing buildings, interiors, furniture or creating images. It is about clear simple communication that is timeless. Having said that, the main goal for our architecture, interiors and products is all about meeting human needs. We create spaces and objects with a sole focus on the life that is meant to unfold in and around it. We do not care about visual expression that is not purposeful for people. The beauty of things should have a raison d'etre besides just being beautiful.” 

– Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Norm Architects

We believe in the power of community and collaboration with kindred spirits. We love to meet new people, get inspired and venture into unknown territory and so, with this project we brought together part of our global community with Koio in New York, Karimoku Case Study in Japan, and our newly designed house in Barcelona – all tied together by our Scandinavian idea of Soft Minimalism.

“With our images we aim to communicate about architecture and design as a profession – we talk about the building blocks of our trade. We want to tell a story about materiality, tactility, light, spaces, voids, objects – all the elements that together create atmospheric and multi-sensory sensations in humans.”

– Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen, Norm Architects

Whenever we design a house, a hotel, an office, or a retail space, we strive to approach it holistically – there should always be a strong connection between the site, the need, the space, the materials and all the details. That’s how many of our design products are born – created by a real need for a real place. I think that is why we found it so intriguing to be able to also create footwear that was connected to our aesthetic principles and ways of thinking architecture


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