The calm subsides when entering the New Mags flagship store in an exclusive area of the old city of Copenhagen. The grand glass façade reveals an intriguing look into the curated universe, where unique and carefully selected coffee table books serve as artworks on equal footing with mesmerizing sculptures and objects. Natural materials like oak wood and golden sandstone act as the tranquil framework for the meaningful, the beautiful, the big, the small, the weird, and the essential books. Books that remind us of what we love and what is important, what we have been, what we are and what we can become.

Taking inspiration from traditional libraries, the space exudes a warm ambience with room for contemplation and reflection. And when strolling along the endless shelves of beautiful photography and written words, it seems as if the hustle and bustle of the surrounding cityscape disappear for a while, and you are free to immerse yourself in all kinds of universes on printed paper – stimulating all the senses is paramount when setting out to explore.

“It feels as if the time stops for a while. Inspiration flows from all around and clearly the books own the store rather than the other way around; Everywhere they are taking possession of the grand shelves, multiplying, and engaging with one another. Still, it happens with such a subtlety that they are somehow enhanced by their tranquil surroundings and vice versa.”

Just like the many coffee table books that decorate the shelves, materials sourced from nature hold various properties and potential. Harmoniously embodying chaos and order, they possess narratives and authentic beauty; wood has grown as trees before arriving at the skilful hands of a carpenter, and stone tells an ancient story through its profound geological origins. They are patient and adaptable, while they speak of time and of transience. By creating this natural framework, the protagonist of the space – the books – are then echoed and enhanced by the architecture, creating a sound and whole atmosphere.

With an eye for every detail, book after book is placed with the utmost consideration of scale, volume, theme, and colour, creating a calm space where every element gets its well-deserved attention. Here and there, small objects have found their way on top of the open books, the long study tables and endless shelves, blending in and proving that a bookstore is in fact their natural habitat.  


Web design & graphic design :
Aurélien Stein

Logotype :
Atelier CPH