Lead Architect: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
Architects: Mette Degn, Marius Lund
Interior Design: Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen
Location: Copenhagen, Denmark

Norm Architects have restored and rebuilt a historic villa in Copenhagen after a devastating fire. The story goes that the house used to be inhabited by the renowned Danish architect, designer and cultural critic, Poul Henningsen. The villa, located in Copenhagen, is said to have been the home of the famous, danish design-icon, Poul Henningsen. Today, a family of three resides in the historic house – a modern home that holds references to its original state – with beautiful high panels, parquet flooring, low, paned windows, teak furniture and – of course – retro PH lamps hanging over the kitchen island.

“The dark mid-century teak furniture and minimal marble plinths create beautiful contrasts, boasting a clean and subtle elegance against the plain, white walls and dark, inbuilt kitchen elements in sawcut smoaked oak.”

Web design & graphic design :
Aurélien Stein

Logotype :
Atelier CPH