Dulong Jewelry Store

Inspired by the art studios of great modernist painters and sculptors such as Picasso, Matisse and Brancusi — the new Dulong flagship store is a space where homeliness, artistic production and exhibition of works have been merged togeth- er in a warm, personal and creative atmosphere.


Copenhagen, Denmark


Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen & Sandie Lykke Nolsøe





Building on the jewelry brands existing identity of designing pieces which are timeless and exclusive, the interior concept evolved into an interpretation of this, becoming a serene, soft and welcoming space.

The use of genuine, natural materials that have patinated beautifully over time, creates a sense of organic warmth, relevant to the customer brand experience. Quality craftsmanship in which the jewelry has been designed, is further reflected in the carefully selected choice of finishes and elegantly feminine, balanced tonal palette.

The simplistic, open space of the store is only broken by a few existing cast iron columns, creating a sense of luxury and calmness within.

Entrances to more private areas of the store are accessible when trying on jewelry, giving you the chance to immerse yourself completely in the experience and let the creativity unfold.

Golden wooden floors, ivory coloured walls, honey toned travertine, caramel suede and linen curtains create a softness and homeliness within the space. In contrast, the dark refined details of burnished brass, glass and bespoke furniture designed in Walnut wood naturally compliment the soft materials.

Along the entire back wall of the store, stands a colonnade inspired by the neoclassical architecture of Copenhagen. The repetition of niches between them creates intimate spaces where podiums exhibit individual pieces of jewelry and beautiful works of art stand on pure travertine.

It’s a hybrid space where the feeling of something homely, warm and relevant merges with jewelry and art – visitors can expect changing exhibitions and social events on the horizon.

We wanted to create something monumental to the store’s delicate and poetic universe by adding a larger iron sculpture with a brutalist feel to it.

Keeping in mind both a sustainable and tactile approach to design, we have preserved the old oak parquet floors and given the walls and ceilings a surface of real clay from the British company Clayworks, creating a beautiful and raw base to build on.

Counters, sideboards, coffee tables, podiums, mirrors and collections of art are all collaboratively designed by Norm Architects specifically for the shop allowing the jewelry to mix with other handcrafted pieces and tailor-made design.


Dulong Jewelry Store