Fjord Boat House

Uniquely located close to the water’s edge on the border of Denmark & Germany, The Fjord Boat House is used as a guest house or peaceful retreat when needed.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen





Built on a raw concrete foundation with green, growing vines and black timber cladding, the exterior architecture of the cabin effortlessly compliments the surrounding nature. Handmade, ceramic brick stairs lead down from the main house and onto the terrace area, continuing into the interior and becoming a beautiful, rustic and distinctive characteristic of the space ex- clusive to the seaside abode.

When you look out through the open space and out to sea, it’s like a painting. A beautiful, open and picturesque view.

Organic shapes, tactile materials and artisanal ceramics add a softness to the space, complimenting the solid timber planks for a Skandinavian-Japanese aesthetic, and overall sense of beauty and purpose. With stunning views directly out to sea, a sense of serenity is overwhelmingly present, a perfect spot within the cabin to slow-down, unwind and be in the moment.

It has been important to maintain a zen-like sense of calm in this house where the emphasis is on the life be- ing led and the nature surrounding it

The Koku Table is a play on balance – between the light and heavy, the transparent and monolithic.

A refined abundance of warm textures and hues are used throughout, creating a deep sense of coziness and comfort. There are two bedrooms within the cabin, built against the nat- ural slope of the land to create a cosy and intimate space – as if crawling into the berth of a boat. Both alcoves are defined by a large skylight, allowing a transparency between nature and architecture through inviting both organic light and greenery inside.

A neutral colour palette consisting of muted tones creates a warm and welcoming space for outside elements to become of focus from within. A combination of soft furnishings and elegant design enhances the subtle interior both tactilely and acoustically. The Hashira Floor Lamp, designed by Norm Architects and inspired by Japanese Washi Paper makers provides beautiful light due to the fine, natural materials compliment- ing the space.

With a built-in timber kitchen and wooden panels containing hidden storage, clutter is minimised and space is optimised.
A selection of furniture with notes of soft-minimalism have been chosen in high-quality materials with elegant form, cre- ating a sense of subtle luxury within the cabin – a beautiful contrast to the natural brick floors and outdoor surroundings.

All that we surround ourselves with, can have a direct impact on our mood and behaviour. Working with natural materials in both architecture and design, is therefore a simplistic way in which we can enrich our surroundings and ultimately enhance our quality of life.

The table pendant is part of our collection designed for The Archipelago House, pro- duced by Karimoku and Kojima Shouten. Small design details are inspired by fishing harbours, adding a maritime aesthetic to the interior


Fjord Boat House