Liewood HQ

Serving as the new headquarters for the international children’s lifestyle brand, Liewood, the space holds everything from showrooms to offices and creative studios.

Copenhagen, Denmark


Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen & Sandie Lykke Nolsøe





The new Liewood HQ, located in a grand building on Blegdamsvej in Copenhagen, invites you into a warm universe of light tones and textured natural materials. With its original sloping ceilings and deep window niches, the space reflects a time when elegance and good craftsmanship defined the identity of architecture. By adding a monochrome, yet rich colour and material palette, the building’s five floors form the framework for an inspiring work environment filled with life, changeability, and community.

Minimalist, sculptural elements in the form of playful podiums, curved walls and selected artworks make for a stimulating concept, complementing and contrasting the children’s toys on display. The sensory universe leaves the curated products in focus and forms the ideal framework for knowledge sharing, while serving as a source of continous inspiration.

Through a voluminous elegance, the architecture in the house appears minimalistic and rhythmic; columns define entrances, wooden walls encircle meeting rooms, wide staircases are used as various styling environments, while podiums appear around corners.

The original entrance area on the ground floor has been preserved and carefully adjusted to meet the needs of employees and clients of Liewood. To contrast the smooth surface of the dark stone flooring, a statement podium covered in clayworks has been introduced to create balance against the large tiles, emphasizing the grandeur of the space.

The interior concept contains a monochrome, yet rich, material palette, highlighting the different textures of selected materials.

In the showroom on the 1st floor, we’ve created a warm wooden core for clients and employees to explore the curated Liewood universe in. The volume of the interior architecture stands in great contrast to the small scale of children’s toys on display – as a way to highlight each element. Moreover, the deep shelves allow for built-in drawers to hide away additional sizes and colors of the toy on display to avoid clutter.

In order to create cohesion within the showroom space, both the shelving and tables are bespoke, recognizing that there is no one- size-fits-all solution. These tailored compositions are lasting in that they’re not only made to serve their purpose but are also context-aware and well-integrated within the architecture, making them stand out and inflict a certain value to their surroundings.

With the ambition to create a comfortable space with a somewhat understated character, we worked to let the space obtain its significance through the thoughtful use of tactile elements such as textured plaster walls and contrasting elements like oakwood and steel.

The showroom in the middle of the building stands as an artefact from the industrial age – an old production hall with open areas, architectural columns, and an iconic skylight. Although the space was beautiful and almost iconic as it was, humans instinctively search for spaces that make the body feel bounded and centered, that incite a sense of safety and comfort, and encourage activity and thought. In architecture, we must therefore work with scale, fullness and emptiness in a way that embraces the human form. Hence, to create a space that feels comfortable and relates to the body, we’ve designed a wooden core, serving as a small-scale house within the space to make it more relatable and easier to inhabit.

Moreover, we designed bespoke podiums covered with clayworks to create small moments within the showroom. By keeping the colors tone- in-tone in a light grey nuance, we create a contrast to the warmth of the wood.

Serving as the main kitchen for the Liewood staff, ‘The Parlor’ is located in close connection with the showroom on the 1st floor. With its grand travertine table, the space enhances a welcoming and open atmosphere, while inviting people to slow down and take pause together.
The office space is kept in a light color palette that coincides with the products in Liewood’s catalogue of children’s toys, while also complementing the selected materials on the other floors.
Being the brand’s headquarter, the space of course has to fulfill a plethora of functions and needs. However, we find the most important purpose is to serve as the framework for collaboration, knowledge-sharing and a sense of community. So, in the effort to create an inspiring and versatile working environment, we’ve strived to not just create classic office settings but also soft and inviting meeting areas.

With lots of natural light flowing in through the windows, the softness of the selected furniture comes into its own right, while also urging people to sit down – either for a chat or to continue working within a new setting. Some prefer to work in a coffee shop or a bustling lounge, while others enjoy the quietness of a library or their own apartment.
With this space, we hope to place all of these under just one roof, so that the employees can be productive wherever they are the most comfortable.


Liewood HQ