Vita Collection

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We have worked with the art direction and photography for VITA – a new collection of traceable aniline leather approved by Animal Protection Denmark as the only one in the industry with this label. ⁠

Developed by Sørensen Leather in close collaboration with Himmerlandskød from North Jutland in Denmark, this exclusive and supremely soft leather is only available in a limited number of hides, each of which can be traced back to the exact animal and where it lived. ⁠

VITA comes in a beautiful cognac colour and will age gracefully over time, as patina will enhance its natural beauty. It’s one of a kind with beautiful natural markings that add character and authenticity to a leather that’s exceptionally easy to design with.⁠

However, what truly sets it apart is that all hides come from farmers who comply with the detailed requirements of the "Approved by Animal Protection Denmark" label, which has a high focus on animal welfare, including health, feed, and environmental measures, making VITA truly one of a kind.⁠


Vita Collection