Drawing on 15 years of international experience within residential, hospitality, industrial design and creative direction, Norm Architects works to re-sensualize the built environment.

Founded in 2008, Norm Architects is a Copenhagen-based practice working with design to enrich the human experience. As multidisciplinary architects and designers, we consider our work as a facilitation of well-being, as a distillation of aesthetics that resonate with the unique person and place, and as a system that supports universal human needs.

Each project – be it architecture, interiors or products – exemplifies minimalism infused with a larger aim to re-sensualize the built environment through haptic designs that embrace mind and body. As we work, our goal is always to find the essence of the design no matter its scale or location to create buildings, spaces and objects that connect with the innate human desire for belonging, autonomy and identity. Our expertise lies in recognizing the moment when there is nothing more to add or take away; when function meets beauty and the work feels as good as it looks.


Katrine Goldstein

Managing Director & Partner

Katrine is responsible for tying together the firm’s many disciplines into one cohesive approach. As managing director, Katrine works across platforms and geographical borders to ensure that projects are developed and delivered at their full potential. With a background at renowned branding and communication agencies in London and Copenhagen, Katrine’s previous work with international corporations has instilled in her a deep intuition into the nature of building client relationships and collaborations. At Norm Architects, she leverages her experience and skills to create tailor-made client experiences and project management processes.

Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen

Architect MAA & Partner

Jonas is one of the founding partners at Norm Architects with over a decade of experience as an architect, designer, art director and photographer. Jonas shares his passion for phenomenology—the philosophical study of human experience—and striking spaces, objects and images with clients that range from established design brands to international magazines and private homeowners. Trained at both The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and Copenhagen Business School, Jonas mixes business-oriented and strategic thinking with the conceptual thoughts and visions that bring creative projects to life. ‘I have a strong vocation for creating thoughtful projects that make a difference and stand out in an understated, refined manner,’ he says of his work, which has won awards including the Red Dot, IF Design Award, Design Plus Award and Good Design Award.

Kasper Rønn Von Lotzbeck

Architect MAA, Designer & Partner

Kasper founded Norm Architects together with Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen in 2008. Combining a strong intuition for shapes and details with extensive technical insight, Kasper leads Norm Architects’ furniture and product design projects, such as those for Danish design brands Menu and &tradition. Trained at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts and, later, in the studio of industrial designer Ole Palsby, Kasper’s products and furniture pieces are an integral part of the firm’s design process and portfolio. “When we succeed in building on the past while looking forward,” he says of his motivation; “we truly feel like we’ve arrived.”

Frederik Alexander Werner

Designer & Partner

Trained at The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Frederik’s focus is on furniture and product design, working with a large range of our domestic and foreign clients. With a functional and minimalist approach, he creates coherent collections as well as unique exhibition pieces in close collaboration with our clients – always striving to design characteristic and iconic products. Frederik has both domestic and foreign experience, working in Japan and doing more than 2 years of consultant work for Georg Jensen.

Peter Eland

Architect MAA & Partner

Before founding his own studio, Peter was the Creative Director at Wagas Group and worked at Neri & Hu for half a decade prior to that. In his years of experience in China, he has been responsible for building and designing many restaurants, cafés, hotels and private residents including the Baker & Spice on Anfulu, the Mi Thai restaurant, which was mentioned in the China Michelin Star guide, as well as Le Meridian hotel in Zhengzhou.

Sofie Thorning

Architect MAA & Partner

Trained as an architect Sofie worked abroad for 7 years, gathering a wide range of international experience in retail, office, residential, restaurant and hospitality design. Prior to joining Norm she worked at Neri & Hu for 3 years and continued on to work independently, in charge of the design and execution of several restaurants and residential projects. At Norm, Sofie is lead architect and responsible of bringing projects from concept design to completion.

Nicolaj Friis Nøddesbo

Senior Designer

As part of the design team at Norm Architects, Nicolaj works with furniture and product design. With an urge to draw furniture pieces that are not only aesthetically beautiful, but also functional and timeless, Nicolaj greatly considers the lifespan of the form language and durability of the materials used, while also favoring sustainable production methods. Trained at the Aarhus School of Architecture, he has developed his core values within architecture and design, and has later applied these in his work for multiple companies and design firms in Copenhagen. As a furniture designer with an architectural background he is able to see the bigger picture and create furniture pieces as everyday objects rather than statement pieces. At Norm Architects he strives to create memorable yet simple, functional and tactile design that last.

Sofie Bak


Trained at the Aarhus School of Architecture, Sofie’s philosophy is to create iconic, simple and lasting design within the fields of architecture and interiors, with an intense focus on the crafted detail. Through her work, she looks for spaces that move us beyond the ordinary, creating sensuous and generous architecture that builds on the narrative the context already tells. Sofie searches for the balance between the complex and the simple, where honesty and sensitivity are illuminated through strong concepts, timeless aesthetics and natural materials.

Victor Ohn-Breumlund


With a degree from the Aarhus School of Architecture, Victor works with an awareness of details and simple elegance. Due to his background in transformation architecture, he works with a dialogue between old and new – creating timeless aesthetics. He believes that quality, beauty, and good craftsmanship all help to ensure our future environment and buildings.


Robert Antonio Graf


Trained at the Vienna University of Technology in Austria, Robert follows an efficient and organized approach to his work. Prior to joining Norm, he worked in several offices, including Steinkogler Aigner Architects, specializing in residential architecture and wooden construction. With his multinational background, he finds great inspiration from heritage and culture and strives to always have a holistic and interdisciplinary way of working.

Lucille Gairin

Senior Architect

With a master’s degree from Paris La Villette Architecture School & Rome, Lucille has an international background that is both technical and creative. Having worked in several offices abroad, she is not only confident in working from concept to site follow up, but she also has a great understanding of how to make a project feel rooted in its local surroundings as she cherishes to work in and around different cultural environments. With a strong sense of details, Lucille plays with contrasts of tactility and finishes to create a balanced materiality in every project, creating a comfortable human experience.

Alice Phillips

Senior Architect

With a degree from the Manchester School of Architecture, Alice works with an awareness of details and the essential interplay between all the elements that make up architecture. Having extensive experience with hospitality design, residential interiors as well as bespoke furniture design, she is confident with design and project management from concept through to on-site construction and delivery.

Manuela Guidarini

Senior Architect

With a master’s degree from Ferrara School of Architecture in Italy, Manuela places great importance on incorporating heritage and cultural significance into her work. Her approach combines a deep understanding of local context with a minimalist aesthetic, recognising the modern-day need for peaceful environments. This combination of values allows her to create spaces that harmoniously blend sense of place, comfort and timeless relevance. With a remarkable international portfolio, Manuela has worked at firms such as Foster + Partners and David Collins Studio in London. These experiences allowed her to collaborate on high-profile projects, gaining exposure to diverse architectural styles. With extensive experience in the hospitality and retail business, she oversees projects from concept to completion.

Charles Dunn


Trained at the Mackintosh School of Architecture in Glasgow, Charles has experience working in both the UK and Europe. With a concern for human experience as well as the poetic potential of space, he brings a sensibility beyond the solely aesthetic and strives to translate this awareness into rigorous and meaningfully conceived architecture. Drawing upon each project’s distinct context and character, he enjoys articulating this in a suitably considered manner, finding balance between the conceptual expression and functional realisation of each project.

Justin Mickow


Trained as an Architect at the Mies van der Rohe School, Illinois Institute of Technology in Chicago, Justin soon used his education of detailing to focus on the interior of buildings. Through years of experience working from concept to construction within restaurant, retail, office and residential projects, he found a passion for being on site and working with builders to ensure the overall design is not compromised. Relocating to Copenhagen after working 6 years in Shanghai China, Justin soon co-founded ‘Trace’ with an understanding of culture and heritage from North America, Europe and Asia. With a focus on quality, materials and details, he has worked on a range of projects from small and intimate to large and public. Searching for links and connections to help influence and inspire his own designs, alongside freelancing for other design studios.

Hedda Klar

Interior Designer

With a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Interior Architecture & Design from Florence, Italy, Hedda values an attentiveness to heritage and cultural context in her work. With a philosophy based on openness towards the human experience of space and a sensibility for the haptic experience of materials and clean details she works together with the team of Norm to shape thoughtful projects with a timeless aesthetic in the fields of architecture and interiors.

Karl Tranberg Knudsen

Designer & Photographer

With a master’s degree in furniture and product design at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, Karl has experience in combining technical, aesthetic and rhetoric skills in design processes and creative communication. At Norm Architects he uses these skills in design projects, photography and promoting international company presence.

Csilla Michelsen-Kaman

Finance & Administration

With an Economic Masters degree specialised in Corporate Finances, Csilla is responsible for the Finance and Administration department of Norm Architects, with a passion to solve problems and create structure behind all the creative world at Norm. She leverages her experience from international corporations to ensure that the company has the needed systems and financial transparency to provide an amazing customer experience. Csilla’s great attention to detail enables smooth cash-flow, tax submissions and salaries.

Emma Jo Ejskjær

Head of PR & Social Media

With a Bachelor’s degree in Communications from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, Emma Jo is used to working close to practice and targeted at a world in change. Currently studying Visual Culture at the University of Copenhagen, she has a strong understanding of combining aesthetic and rhetorical skills in creative communication across platforms and media, while her experience from renowned interior magazines has taught her the importance of communicating with a coherent, clear, and characteristic tone of voice.

Sandie Lykke Nolsøe

Photographer & SoMe Coordinator

Sandie is our in-house photographer as well as SoMe coordinator, working on the company’s visual communication. With a bachelor’s degree in Photographic Communication from the Danish School of Media and Journalism, she has experience in content planning, brand communications, photography and videography. At Norm Architects, Sandie is responsible for assisting online and printed publications, maintaining company platforms, outlets and general presence, while also managing our Social Media channels.



Signe Hytte


Leading her own studio and formerly working as Head of Design for Danish furniture brand &tradition, Signe Hytte combines an artistic outlook and commercial understanding with designs that come alive through visual storytelling. She has an overall conceptual understanding, as well as knowledge of curating collections, building concepts and designing products. Trained within the fields of furniture and interior design, Signe has produced designs as well as concepts for Danish brands, with simplicity in focus and an eye for detail.

Zihan Zhao


Educated in China and Finland and trained as an architect, Zihan has extensive knowledge in the sociological differences across cultures, and is passionate in exploring the relationship between context and design. Placing the experience and humanization of space at the center of architectural practice, she strives to create unfolding special narratives that not only stands the test of time, but connects to us as human beings.



Christian Møller Andersen

Christian Møller Andersen is a creative director, designer, and photographer based in Copenhagen. Working within the realms of design and fashion, his unique understanding of design, visual culture, and fashion has, over the years, been a valued resource for international clients and collaborators alike, in developing, producing, and executing original concepts, as well as growing their visual communication and strengthening their artistic output.




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