Nagano HQ

Inspired by its namesake city, the new Nagano HQ showcases a harmonious blend of materials and functionality, creating an atmosphere that is both visually striking and purposeful.

Nagano, Japan


Jonas Bjerre Poulsen





In today’s evolving landscape, traditional space boundaries are blurring as people engage in various activities. Single-use spaces are becoming obsolete, giving way to multifunctional environments that cater to diverse needs. However, many companies overlook the tangible influence of design and physical space.
For this project, we aimed to fill this gap by embracing a minimalist aesthetic that allows carefully selected materials and meticulous details to shine. By creating a refined and versatile workspace, we strive to deliver distinctive and memorable experiences for all stakeholders.

Stepping into the double height reception is akin to entering an art gallery with the seamless integration of curated artistic elements, creating an ambiance that is both inspiring and professional. Every corner tells a story, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in an environment that stimulates creativity.

Nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of central Japan, the city of Nagano offers a unique work- life balance that harmonizes career pursuits with a serene environment. Known for its stunning mountain ranges, tranquil hot springs, and historical temples, it attracts both locals and expatriates seeking a balanced lifestyle. Whether it’s the strong work ethic, the appreciation for nature, or the rich cultural experiences, Nagano offers a unique setting where individuals can thrive professionally while enjoying a rewarding and balanced lifestyle.
In approaching the entrance area, our goal was to seamlessly blend professionalism with the serene ambiance reminiscent of modern art galleries. This led us to embrace a paired-back aesthetic, characterized by a clean color palette and carefully selected materials that exude both visual and physical weight, ti creating a space that commands attention while invoking a sense ce of tranquility.
Stepping into the double height reception is akin to entering an art gallery with the seamless integration of curated artistic elements, creating an ambiance that is both inspiring and professional. Every corner tells a story, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in an environment that stimulates creativity and curiosity.

Serving as a stimulating contrast to the otherwise structured and refined atmosphere, the strategically placed podiums showcase carefully curated artworks with organic forms and flowing contours. This deliberate break in the stringent look of the space not only creates a dynamic feeling but also an engaging visual dialogue, captivating visitors from the moment they set foot inside.
Through the thoughtful integration of these tactile elements, bespoke craftsmanship, and curated artworks, we aimed to create a reception area that transcends conventional boundaries. Our design approach sought to captivate the senses, harmonizing tactile and visual experiences to forge a unique and memorable environment that perfectly balances professionalism, sophistication, and artistic allure.

By employing white granite panels with a needle shot finish, we added both visual interest and a unique texture to the space. To complement this, we collaborated with Karimoku Case Study to create bespoke furniture in light oiled oak, elevating the ambiance with a sense of touch.
Drawing inspiration from the untamed landscapes that lie just beyond its walls, the color palette of the office is carefully curated, immersing the interior in soft, soothing shades. These gentle hues not only evoke a sense of balance and tranquility but also create an atmosphere conducive to productivity and a deep sense of contentment.

Stepping into the workspace, one is instantly enveloped by a warm and inviting ambiance. It is a place that transcends the traditional notion of an office, embracing the concept of an all- day living room, where comfort and inspiration coexist. The cool touch of the stone flooring is balanced by the addition of soft carpets that frame distinct furniture settings, serving as anchors, delineating areas where colleagues can gather, collaborate, or seek solace in quiet contemplation.

Welcoming, inclusive, social spaces perform better. In-between time isn’t wasted time. Unplugging, escaping, browsing, and killing time are all activities to be supported and courted, encouraging open-mindedness and creativity.
The wooden panels with integrated doors, cabinets, and niches, serve almost like a timber threshold hiding away several functionalities to maintain a tidy and calm space without clutter.
In an effort to establish a subtle dialogue between the facade of the building and the interior design, we created a wooden lamella wall and door system. This thoughtfully crafted addition not only adds a tactile dimension to the interior surface but also pays homage to the timeless craftsmanship found in Danish and Japanese culture alike.
By seamlessly blending these influences, we aim to create an environment that reflects the fusion of two strong heritages, adding depth and intrigue to the overall aesthetic.

The interior design is not merely focused on functionality, but also seeks to cultivate an environment full of inspiration. Natural light floods through the large windows, casting a warm glow that gently illuminates the room, creating a sense of openness. Thoughtfully placed art pieces and carefully selected objects accentuate the space.

Most furniture pieces have been created bespoke for the project in a strong collaboration with Karimoku Case Study. As Japan’s leading manufacturer of wooden furniture, Karimoku proudly upholds a steady focus on quality and with their knowledge and genuine love for wood that is reflected in their uncompromising production methods and remarkable attention to detail, they were the perfect allies when creating this space.

In essence, the space is an embodiment of the captivating harmony between humanity and the natural world. It embodies the belief that a workspace can transcend its functional purpose and become a space that fosters inspiration, cultivates connections, and unlocks the full potential of its occupants.


Nagano HQ