Norm Architects have completed the interior design of the Sticks‘n’Sushi restaurant in London, located on King’s Road in the heart of chic and high-end Chelsea. A richly textured space where Scandinavian and Japanese aesthetics meet through an emphasis on natural materials and an overall sense of contemporary luxury.

London, UK


Jonas Bjerre-Poulsen





The ground floor and heart of the restaurant is a grounded, welcoming space; industrial and elegant, with subtle contrasts in the quality custom woodwork, Danish design classics, industrial elements, natural stone table top and bar in blackened steel. Upon entering the ground floor of the restaurant, you’re drawn to the sculptural leather sofas, perfect for visitors paying the restaurant a brief visit, having cocktails or waiting for a table – perfectly placed by the windows to encourage interaction with the street life of Chelsea.

As you enter the 1st floor you’re met by a bright and sophisticated space, conveyed by the oak tabletops, chairs, partition panel walls and open plan of the floor. A combination that invites an intimate seating without loosing the feeling of being in a lovely bustling environment.
Light, transparant textiles divide the space and make up translucent, light-bearing elements when they’re lit up at night.

The lantern-like, Hashira lamps create an intimate atmosphere around the restaurant.
Materials chosen for the rooms reflect the moods set for the three floors. The idea is that the guests increasingly will get in touch with light as they walk vertically, so the lower ground floor and private dining area is kept in dark nuances and materials, with hops hanging from a feature grid ceiling in oak, inviting in nature as a sculptural element and softening up the space.

Carl Hansen chairs accompany the bespoke tables throughout the restaurant as a reference to the timeless Danish design heritage, quality woodwork and craftsmanship. Also the custom-made banquette seating embodies that soft feel, inviting guests to engage in the intimate settings.

The lower ground floor beckons with an intimate and secluded ambiance, creating an atmospheric hideaway that captivates visitors. This carefully crafted space is designed to be a timeless haven, radiating elegance that transcends the ordinary. Ideal for hosting parties, the lower ground floor invites guests to absorb its exclusive charm and become immersed in a unique blend of intimacy and sophistication.