Year: 2021
Client: Notabene

The new Notabene flagship store on Møntergade is located in one of the most exclusive areas of the old City of Copenhagen, Denmark. Entering the store, one is welcomed by a grand double-height space with exposed and tactile concrete walls, an original terrazzo flooring, striking minimalist aluminium shelves and clay podiums, showcasing the newest collection of Italian handmade shoes as delicate icons. Norm Architects has completely redesigned the Notabene retail experience and created a hub where all things surrounding shoe design and shoe care are unified in a big industrial space comprising retail, shoeshine bar and creative lab.
Carefully crafted by Japanese furniture brand Karimoku Case Study and local craftsmen alike, elegant furniture pieces accompany a monumental wooden staircase that sculpturally connects the three levels of the space, while playfully letting in the sunlight through its oak structure. The material combination of elegant wooden details, lush bouclé fabrics, hand brushed aluminium surfaces and rippled concrete creates an edgy universe that is both relaxed, refined, and luxurious at the same time. 


Web design & graphic design :
Aurélien Stein

Logotype :
Atelier CPH